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Starting New

Hello friends:


Since moving, it has been wonderful to be back with friends and family here in Guatemala. Because of COVID and the restrictions we've had to put in place I have been able to take the extra time getting to know and bond with our three newest kids in the home.



I have moved out of Home 1 into my apartment that I share with our ministries midwife, Joy. In the last month, I have been able to get settled in, and it has become like home. It has been a good change and has given me space for personal time to myself and with Christ.



I've been able to get more involved with our feeding program, which has been a blessing and challenge. When the devil sees that you are doing what Christ has called you to do, he will attack in any way that he can. With that, I have had to be even more dependent on Christ and not allow the hits from the devil tear me down to a point of despair.


Though we cannot spend the 3 hours we used to before the pandemic, we have still been able to spread Christ's love even though it's in a different way.

Along with doing the feeding program, we have a formula program and a school sponsorship program.

For the formula program, we take bins of formula twice a week for both mothers and kids. We distribute the formula every two weeks and do weigh-ins once a week. When the kids get to the point where they are considered normal and healthy weight wise, they will then graduate from the program.



A couple of weeks ago we had the last food distribution we'll be having in our town. It was a tough decision for Jay and Daryl to make, but with the distribution funds dwindling, they've had to decide the money would be best used to further Christ's kingdom.


With having high-risk children and Wanda and her chemo, we have had to tighten our home restrictions and when we go out. Until covid is more under control, I won't help in the ministry's rural part. Because of not getting out, I've started to crack down on learning more Spanish. I've also started taking online classes to educate myself more on domestic violence, pregnancy, and counseling/phycology. When I can begin to progress in the direction, I'll have a head start. `


Prayer requests:

Please continue to pray for Wanda as she continues to battle breast cancer.

Pray for the town of Aceituno and the grip that the devil has on it.

Pray for the kids in the home and that COVID won't enter the home.

Pray for me that I will grow stronger in my faith and be open to follow wherever Christ directs me, even if I don't know why.


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