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Come Lord Jesus and heal our broken world

“The truth is, God's faithfulness and loyalty and love are never put to the test in our difficulties; it was my faithfulness, my loyalty, my love for him that was being tested.”

“God’s Hostage” Andrew Brunson

As time goes by our faithfulness, loyalty, and love for Christ is being tested more and more. It is a slow process in which we don’t see coming. It starts from the small things like something that is off handily said, to politics, to jabs said to us about what we ourselves believe is true, yet someone else doesn’t. Have we, as Christian, gotten to a point where we don’t even realize that our faithfulness, loyalty, and love for Christ are being tested? Have we as Christians completely taken our focus off of what is important, showing that Christ is our sole focus, and focusing on things that put Jesus in a negative light and will not help further His’ kingdom? We live in a world that is so “ME ” focused that we let life pass us by like we have our “whole life” in front of us. We don’t even know if we have tomorrow. Why would you send your day on meaningless things?

If you were to take the time that you spent reading, believing, and defining conspiracy theories that are circling in our world today, what would you do with it? Would you continue to yell about how our rights are being taken and how you can’t even live your life without the government interfering with it? Would you spend it yelling through social media about how you believe the government is trying to control us? Or would you spend it praying for our leaders, and shining Christ’s light to your best abilities? We ultimately are not in control of anything that goes on. Christ Jesus is. And He will do as he sees fit.

I’m not saying that you're wrong for wanting to have a voice, but the way you deliver it will make a huge difference. Talking to people face to face about what you believe is so much better and more effective than getting on your social media platforms and shouting out to the world what you believe is true. It may be, but we need to make sure that we hear the other side. Let’s meet in the middle and hear each other out. You may find out you were wrong. If not, you may show the other side that what you believe is true and then they can then decide if they believe what you believe or not.

“Where is my loving Father?” I thought I knew the answer--that God just wanted to toughen me up some more was a terrifying thought. How much tougher did I need to become? How much worse did things have to get before God rescued me.” “God Hostage”

There is coming a time where we will be in this position. Wondering when God will rescue us from persecution. We’ll wonder how much God needs us to tough up before we’re ready to be rescued. Ask yourself., “Is my faith in Christ strong enough to go through the fire, hail, rain cold, etc. that Christ might need me to go through? Because at the end He may be ready for you to go home rather than seeing your loved ones.

"It's putting hope in ourselves that keeps getting us in trouble

America doesn't need America

America needs Jesus

Welcome to America the land of the lost

And if America wants change, it starts at the Cross"

"Godless America"--Clayton Jennings

This is so true. Americans have strayed so far from the values that we swear by. We are no longer the “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” We are lost and need Jesus.

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